Commercial Research

27 Aug 2018

Sales recorded for Melbourne Units Cityscape for the three months to August 2018 totalled $192.3 million, a decrease from the $667.8 million recorded for the quarter to May 2018 (which included the off-the-plan sales of the Spencer Melbourne Building at 420 Spencer Street, West Melbourne and the Australis Building at 601 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne) and the $319.5 million recorded for the quarter to February 2018.

The latest data brings the twelve-month sales total to $1.762 billion, an increase from the previous twelve months, which recorded sales of $1.658 billion.


The table below shows sales recorded for the past eight updates of Melbourne Units Cityscope.
Some notable sales featured in the August 2018 update of Melbourne Units Cityscope include:
  • Unit 27 at 50 Bourke Street, Melbourne, a four bedroom penthouse on level five of 350 sqm plus a roof garden, which was sold for $2.8 million;
  • Unit 402 at 130 Flinders Street, Melbourne, a three bedroom apartment on levels four and five of 140 sqm plus ground floor storage space, which was sold for $1.95 million and
  • Unit 214 in Republic Tower at 299 Queen Street, Melbourne, a residential unit on level 21 including two car park spaces, which was sold for $1.43 million.